to remember who you are
you need to forget what you were told to be


Nobody can guide you to durable Fulfillment. No tricks, no coaching in shortcuts or strategies will work. The only valid Guidance for durable Fulfillment is awaiting you - already for a long time: DEEP INSIDE. You will be amazed how easy it can be activated.


How can it be, that some individuals are empowered after overcoming traumatic occurrences while others are crippleled for life? Peace in Heart can only be found by following your Authentic Truth. Conditioned perceptions of truth always lead to never ending drama.


Participants tend to Awaken already in the first days of their tailor made 7-day joyful HERO'S JOURNEY. The challenge is in building sufficient immunity against old and new conditioning, always ready to take power over you again. Awakening to your TRUE SELF is a life-changing journey.

Our mission to empower authenticity and potential is a nonprofit initiative. Benefits are to support other initiatives our participants engage with, also supporting a better world.

the 3 strategic components of your Hero's Journey are:
1. your 21-day online Process of Self-Discovery
2. your 7-day Awakening Retreat on Bali
3. Anchoring your Victory (5-days on Bali)

introduction :

get your first 5-chapters of your 21-day Process for 99$ only

Your Hero's Journey kicks off with your online 21-day Process of Self-Discovery. It is tailor-made composed around your metaphysical birth data providing you deep insights on your energy systems, conscious and unconscious character, influences from childhood, potential vulnerabilities geared by not-self behavior and inspirational strategies to flourish in fulfillment, relationship, sexuality and career.

The Adventurous Journey to Mastership


Self-Discovery can be the most adventurous endeavor you can go for when receiving fruitful inspiration to discover and explore your often-hidden gifts, talents and unknown potential to live a meaningful life!



Your 7-day Awakening Retreat on Bali will be a life-changing experience in personal growth to perceive realities in new and much more fruitful dimensions providing you direction to fulfillment in all aspects of life.


Our programs are for the courafeous ones, the high performers ready for a change, the adventurous targeting world-citizenship to sustain at any exquisite place, the ones soon starting career not wanting to lose years in mediocracy and for the determined giving their highest priority to Peace in Heart & Mind.


The tremendous power of conditioning should not be underestimated. The only effective immunity can be found by transcending into a joyful life-style with behavior patterns perfectly supporting you.



Your life will never be the same after freeing yourself from limiting thoughts and behavior patterns and becoming a living example of potentiality, passion, purpose, joy and fulfillment and involved in projects making.



check availability

Answering YOUR needs and interests is the only schedule of your retreat. We suggest you to arrive a few days earlier to overcome jetlag and embrace the delightful energy at Central Bali. It is supportive for your process to stay a little longer and to stretch your retreat without extra charges for a refreshing experience at delightful beaches (extra) - all to be defined at your booking.


Breath Work is one of the most effective concepts to release trauma and stress. Our Breath is our regulator of Inner Peace, our most important intake of nutrition and our largest secretion feature of waste.



Intimacy is heavily conditioned and more than sex. There is no freedom, quality or abundance as long as any prejudice still can imprison you. It became one of the pandemic hurdles on our planet to



Meditation is for many a liberating path to reach No-Mind states but for some a stressful experience. Find the approach suiting you and it is up to you to add follow ups to your extras.


Ubud, Bali is a yoga paradise for both beginners and advanced. Be guided in the practice best supporting you in this moment of time and add unlimited follow ups to your basket of extras.


You can find an almost unlimited choice of options in fitness, men/woman circles, kirtan singing, hiking and anything supporting health and awakening. Our team is at your service to make your arrangements.


Traffic in and around Ubud with an abundance of options at unexpected places is rather peculiar. Local transport is mainly by motorbike and a private motor-bike-taxi is included at your retreat.

Education is not just filling a vase,
it’s more like lighting a flame
– Aristophanes –


The Hero's Foundation

Amsterdam, The Netherlands